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Free QuData Calculator

Free QuDdata Calculator QuData Calculator is a free, powerful and easy to use desktop calculator, designed for general everyday use, as well as for special tasks that you may face when dealing with financial, scientific and other problems.

The free version is extremely easy to use and hardly needs any help at all. When you feel that you have ougrown this simple version, and need more advanced possibilities, we suggest that you try the Business & Games Calculator - and below we included some details on what features you will find there.

  • All standard functions you find in a desktop calculator
  • Smallest screen footprint ever, with no loss of functionality
  • Calculation history management and report generation  *
  • Easy and powerful variables, memory management, and all that  *
  • Statistical functions and calculations  *
  • Unit conversion
  • Maths and Physics constants handbook
  • Configurable and updatable skins  *
  • A bit of fun: play games to relax and cool your mind  *
*  All advanced features are available only in full version of B&G Calculator.

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