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About our company

On our site you can download the Business&Games Calculator - a nice desktop Calculator with a lot of functions. Read more about B&G Calculator.

We also suggest you our Web resources that can be used as online tools for some statistical treatment of digital data. These programs use well known algorithms and allow to obtain common-used statistical parameters of entered set of data. In addition to these tools we suggest you to use a collection of links to articles and web sites related to interesting, widely discussed topics, like Data mining, Forecast, etc.

If you have some questions, suggestions or great ideas, write to our Support Team.

To send us regular mail, please use the following address:

Icestone Trustee Limited
Attn: QUdata.com
16 Kyriakos Matsis Ave
P.O. Box 1451, 1059 Nicosia

Fax: 212-465-3157

We are receiving a lot of correspondence, so please be patient and allow us a couple of days to reply. We need your feedback, and all you opinions are most welcome.

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