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B&G Calculator Screen Shots

QuData calculator in action - here you can see some of the appearances it can take.
B&G Calculator Menu
Click on the screenshot to enlarge it.
QUdata B&G Calculator with Pink Marble skin. B&G Calculator combines exclusive convenience in work, nice interface and functional capacity. The screenshot shows main calculator's display with the keyboard, the window with calculation history, unit converter, window of statistics calculations and main menu.

Here you can see that B&G Calculator has the form that can be easily adjusted. You can work either only with the narrow strip, placed over the other applications, or you can activate different Calculator panels and place them at your discretion.

B&G Calculator also functions as the reference book on different mathematical and physical constants. You can always convert pounds into kilos, insert the distance between the Earth and the Sun into your calculations and enter your own constants easily and without any problem.

In case you are tired and need a rest, you can play the most enthralling games Bubble Shooter and Gem Slider that are strongly recommended by psychologists as the best way to relax. Bubble Shooter is placed in one of the Calculator panels.

B&G Calculator Game
Click on the screenshot to enlarge it.

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