Predictive Analytics

Qudata team will solve your business problems using ML algorithms.
Anomaly Detection (MLAD)
The analysis can be carried out using logs, images, or sound:
  • detection of material defects and their classification
  • equipment diagnostics
  • detection of breakdowns and determining their type
  • fault prediction
Time Series Analysis
  • detection of outliers in a time series
  • tracking swings in asset prices
  • time series forecasting
Medical Care
The research mainly includes diagnostics and predictions:
  • records of the patient health indicators
  • diagnostics of diseases based on medical records
  • diagnostics by image
  • image analysis (e.g. blood cell count)
Consumption Projections
  • demand projections for energy resources
  • material requirements planning
  • optimization of material procurement and delivery
Price Forecasting
  • price forecasting
  • consumption/demand forecasting
  • assortment planning
  • optimization of product delivery
Recommendation System
Individual recommendations based on the analysis of the user-specific data:
  • current news
  • restaurants based on reviews
  • movie previews