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Convert audio to text effortlessly with our free online speech-to-text service. Accurate and convenient transcription made simple!

Dictate notes and transcribe audio to text in a single click!

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Click the “Upload file” button to upload an audio file or select “Microphone” as a preferred input method. Choose your language first and then click the “Speak” button to turn on the microphone.

Please take note of the service limitations: our online speech-to-text converter can process mp3/wav/ogg files with a recording duration of up to 5 minutes and has a file size limit of 50 MB.

Are you tired of spending countless hours transcribing audio recordings manually? Look no further! Our multilingual online speech-to-text services offer a convenient and efficient solution for converting spoken language into written text. And it’s absolutely for FREE!

Speech-to-text (STT), also known as voice recognition or automatic speech recognition (ASR), is a technology that converts spoken words and phrases into written text. Explore the capabilities of the QuBot voice assistant to witness the transformative power of speech to text services.

Whether you're a student, professional, or content creator, our free STT online service is designed to meet your transcription needs. With our user-friendly interface, you can effortlessly transform interviews and podcasts, dictate notes, transcribe lectures or any other audio content into accurate written documents. Say goodbye to tedious manual transcription and embrace the future of voice technology. Our free speech to text service is ready to go!

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For the QuData team accuracy in transcription is a priority. Transcribing business meetings, presentations, and study group discussions preserves crucial information and facilitates effective communication. It enables participants to extract key insights and make informed decisions based on transcribed content.

Like text to speech services (TTS), online transcription of spoken words enhances accessibility by making audio content more inclusive for individuals with hearing impairments. It allows them to access information through written text, ensuring equal opportunities for participation and engagement.

All things considered, the Qudata team implemented advanced algorithms to provide free STT service to ensure exceptional precision, guaranteeing high-quality transcripts. Simply upload your audio file or record your voice via microphone, and let our technology do the rest.

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So, don't let the time-consuming nature of transcription hinder your productivity. With our reliable and efficient solution, you can save valuable time and effort, allowing you to focus on more important tasks. Enhance your workflow and streamline your work process with our online multilingual speech to text service.

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