Voice assistant and chatbot
for the restaurant business

Our smartbot for taking orders is designed for cafes, restaurants and pizzerias.


Pizza QuBot
QuBot can easily manage reservations, give recommendations, take and repeat orders, as well as ensure 24/7 best customer care. Our smartbot lets your clients place their orders directly in the favorite messenger or on your website using chat or voice modes. And now powered by ChatGPT, Pizza QuBot simplifies the ordering process, providing a convenient and user-friendly solution for your customers.

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Voice Assistant and Chatbot for the Restaurant Business

Our smartbot for taking orders is designed for cafes, restaurants and pizzerias. It will help your customers place their orders directly in the messenger. Chatbot is created using a neural network, this way it can maintain a conversation with users, answer questions or give product recommendations. And thanks to synthesizing natural-sounding speech the communication is easier and more natural.

Our voice assistant is able to remember customer information as well as delivery addresses, which makes it easy to quickly repeat previous orders. Chatbot integrates with your CRM system, tracks client orders and estimates delivery time.

QuData revolutionizes the food service industry by seamlessly integrating Pizza QuBot and ChatGPT, streamlining the entire customer experience. With effortless management of reservations, personalized recommendations, and smooth order placement and repetition, your customers can truly savor a highly satisfying journey. From catering to specific dietary needs and suggesting popular pizza toppings to swiftly resolving inquiries, Pizza QuBot, powered by ChatGPT, delivers an intelligent and efficient customer engagement solution that exceeds expectations.

Artificial intelligence is implemented on the basis of the RASA framework and can work in both text and voice modes via Text-to-Speech (TTS) and Speech-to-Text (STT) technologies. It’s possible to integrate our chatbot with popular messengers, such as Telegram, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, etc. This is all easy to do even without coding experience on our QuBot chatbot platform.

It’s also manageable to integrate the AI assistant with your CRM system and your business preferred payment systems. Thus, your customers would be able to pay for their orders directly in the chatbot.

It’s available for any online store to order a turnkey chatbot or apply a service of the ready-to-use smart assistants using QuBot visual chatbot editor.

The cost of a chatbot is low in comparison to how it allows you to significantly reduce the cost of the support service. Our experience has proven that a chatbot or voice assistant can solve up to 70% of all queries and improve the overall customer experience. This will significantly reduce the workload and allow your employees to devote more time to individual customer requests.

Contact our team to discuss in more detail which chatbot or voice assistant is right just for you.

Main Benefits of the Qubot - Your Virtual Assistant

Machine Learning
Technology trends and latest developments in machine learning.

Artificial Intelligence
Intent classification, message comprehension, processing and adjusting the context.
Personal Recommendations
Flexible recommendation system and personal preferences records.
Data Protection
Protection for the customer data integrity, confidentiality and availability.

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