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Text-to-speech technology provides online voice-over service in several foreign languages via the speech synthesizer in a male or female voices for free.

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Text-to-speech (TTS) is a speech synthesis technique that converts written text into voice output. Try free TTS services right here and now!

Originally created for the visually impaired, input and conversation technologies have become very popular for many applications and businesses. For example, using a neural network the voice assistant and chatbot for the restaurant business can maintain a conversation with customers, answer questions or give recommendations on product selection. All this due to the speech recognition and voice generation technologies!

Just try it and you will be impressed! Put text-to-speech service into action effortlessly and get a voice generator absolutely for free. Enter your text and just in a few seconds you will see how it turns into an audio version of what you would like to say.

Free text-to-speech software allows you to interact with your customers efficiently and on a more personal level.

The voice generator provides an unlimited opportunity to practice your listening and speaking skills, or even learn a foreign language. This free TTS service is a great tool for students who learn foreign languages and need extra practice outside of class.

The text can be played as many times as it’s required. You can also choose the voices you like without any restrictions.

Voice technologies and the generation of voice messages are also widespread among popular messengers and chatbots. Learn more about extensive possibilities of creating and using chatbots on our QuBot platform.

Our text-to-speech service is completely free and available for both desktop and mobile devices. It will help make information understandable, audible and more accessible to all the users.

Synthesized speech can be used wherever it’s possible to use pre-recorded speech, for example, dubbing YouTube videos. Adding narration to the video can make it more memorable and outstanding. Subscribe to the QuData channel on Youtube for more useful information. Use our text-to-speech technology to effortlessly put in voice-overs to your videos.

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