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On the way to protect the planet: how analytics can support sustainability

The Nature Conservancy reconsidered its marketing strategy via digital transformation with the help of SAS Customer Intelligence 360. As a result this international environmental nonprofit had its best year ever for membership revenue. That as nothing else contributes to advancing its mission of creating a more sustainable future.

Automation Can Replace over 1.4 Million Jobs

“Employers and employees alike need to change their perspective. The future of work is already here and the introduction of technology does not affect work in a uniform way. We must acknowledge where it supplements existing work and invest in a targeted reskilling approach that recognises the new roles technology is creating and ensures human and machine labour complement one another.

Practices for Creating an AI Serving Engine

AI-powered engines review and analyze information in the knowledgebase, deal with model deployment, and check the performance. They introduce a new approach in which apps can take advantage of artificial intelligence to enhance operational effectiveness and help to address different business challenges.

Using Artificial Intelligence to Analyze Vehicle Occupants

“Over the last decade, Affectiva has continuously pursued new patents as we have pioneered and advanced the fields of Emotion AI and Human Perception AI. The breadth and depth of our patent portfolio reflect our commitment to pushing the boundaries of computer vision, machine learning, deep learning and AI at the edge; and, is a testament to our leadership in defining the many creative and diverse applications of Human Perception AI that are shaping industries today and in the future.”

How AI Can Protect Your Digital Life

With increased social media usage in recent years, and all of us living our lives online yet more, we need to develop the ways to reduce threats, ensure our safety and remove interactions that are creating concern. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a progressed machine learning technology that plays an important role in contemporary life and is also essential in how today's social media networks function.

Development of Artificial Intelligence

The abilities that computer systems have are very advanced. The earliest equipment not only helped people solve complex mathematical problems, but also stored large amounts of information. Today computers operate complex equipment and systems to prevent human errors.

Designing Soft Robots Which Can Sense

Traditional rigid robots are incapable of a wide range of tasks. Instead soft robots may interact with people more safely or easily access narrow spaces. However, for robots to successfully complete their goal, it is essential to know the exact position of their body parts. That’s a complex task for a soft-bodied robot that can undergo nearly infinite number of modifications.