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Step into the future: a 48-qubit programmable processor

Researchers have joined forces to create a programmable quantum processor that operates with high fault tolerance based on logical qubits. This opens up new prospects for large-scale and reliable quantum computing, capable of solving previously intractable problems.

Does the Turing test no longer work?

The Turing test, once groundbreaking for machine thinking, is now limited by AI's ability to mimic human reactions. A new study introduces a three-step system to determine whether artificial intelligence can reason like a human.

Google’s Gemini AI is going to surpass ChatGPT

A groundbreaking NLP model Gemini AI is set to surpass existing benchmarks. With its multimodal prowess, scalability across various domains, and integration potential within Google's ecosystem, Gemini AI represents a significant leap in AI technology.

Does GPT-4 Pass the Turing Test?

In 1950, British scientist Alan Turing proposed a test to determine whether machines can think. To date, no artificial intelligence has yet successfully passed it. Will ChatGPT be the first?

Tracking every pixel: motion estimation with OmniMotion

The latest motion estimation method can extract long-term motion trajectories for every pixel in a frame, even in the case of fast movements and complex scenes. Learn more about the exciting technology and the future of motion analysis in this article about OmniMotion.

TalkToModel: Interface for Understanding ML Models

TalkToModel is an innovative system for enabling open conversations with ML models. This platform allows users to not only understand, but also communicate with ML models in natural language, as well as receive explanations of their predictions and operating processes.