Text Analysis (NLP)

If you have a lot of text documents, letters and messages, the QuData team will help you to sort it all out.
Sentiment Analysis
Automatic processing of the user feedback depending on the polarity classification (negative reviews may require urgent response from the customer support team).
Text Generation
Automatic text summarization, abstraction and putting the text into layman's terms, as well as automatic generation of captions for website images.
Predictive Text
A smart predictive text system learning from previous user texts ensures better predictions compared to T9. Create documents faster and without blunders characteristic of T9 and other non-intelligent input systems.
Named Entity Recognition
Extraction of names of people and organizations from various unstructured data (letters, standard forms, app reviews for your application etc.) for significant reduction of data processing costs.
Virtual Assistant
A software agent that uses natural language to support customers 24/7, provide product information on demand, place orders, etc.