QuBot Сhat Builder Tutorials

Learn how to build a chatbot fast, easy and with zero coding!


Qubot Visual Chat Builder Tutorials

Here you can learn how to easily create a chatbot without any coding. Countless tasks and functions can be easily managed and automatized with the help of the QuBot chat builder!

Watch our educational videos and learn more useful tools to improve your business activity. Discover new ways to prosper!

Qubot Chat Builder Tutorial: Introduction to the Qubot Editor

Introduction to the QuBot editor demonstrates special features and unique capabilities of the simple yet powerful visual editor - QuBot by QuData. This video will show new ways to build live chats on your own as well as use and set up available templates for your business needs. Step by step you will learn on a simple example how to create a chatbot and change its settings. Wait for more useful information in our next video!

Qubot Chat Builder Tutorial: Chatbot Setup and Customization

Chatbot setup and customization video demonstrates how to adjust settings on a ready-made bot template, explains how to analyze chatbot’s logic and teaches how after all design changes implement the bot on your website. With this tutorial you will learn simple ways to run chatbot and change its algorithms. Our second video lesson provides a great opportunity to find out how to create your own unique design as well as perform setup modifications effortlessly. After this course you will know everything you need to create and deploy the bot on your website. Don’t miss even more useful information in our next educational videos!

Qubot Chat Builder Tutorial: Bots Logic Implementation and Scripts

This video tutorial illustrates how to use scripts to implement chatbot logic in BlackJack template as an example. Here you will learn why scripts are useful and how to use them to apply chatbot logic. Watch our video lesson and check out the ability of the QuBot-constructor to build bots using a scripting tool. This allows anyone to create conversation paths between a chatbot and a user without coding skills.