Workout planner QuGym Notepad

QuGym Notepad for Apple watch is an efficient and personalized approach to sports. The workout planner helps you create custom fitness training programs and achieve set goals. The ease of app use, precision in recordings, and workout effectiveness allow users to perform exercises in the gym or at home, relying solely on their smartwatch.

Business Challenge

In today's increasingly health-conscious world, a program capable of collecting data and forming workout plans constitutes an integral part of an effective and personalized approach to sports.

Our main goal is to develop a comprehensive system for adapting training plans to individual needs and goals while ensuring data privacy. Such a program aims to generate personalized workout routines aligned with each user's fitness level, taking into account their health and physical activity data. Our team is focused on an individual approach, enabling regular and safe training regardless of place or time. We've chosen the Apple platform to implement our solution.

During the development process of the software system, we've already launched a related product on the App Store – the QuGym Notepad app for Apple watch. The primary goal of creating this fitness app is to provide simplicity and mobility in usage, accurate recordings, and workout efficiency. This enables users to independently carry out workouts in the gym or at home without the need for additional devices and without getting distracted from exercises.

You can explore the user guide via this link.

Solution Overview

The QuGym Notepad app for Apple watch is a workout planner designed to help users record and track fitness training programs, as well as perform exercises according to the preset plan directly on their smart watches.

Workout types include strength training, functional training, high-intensity interval training, etc. The app's interface allows structuring workouts based on warm-up intervals, work time, rest periods, etc. Each interval can be assigned an exercise from a predefined list and set goals: repeats, weights of equipment, or a time period.

We also plan to incorporate gyroscopic and accelerometer sensors. The gyroscope enables precise assessment of movement direction during turns, rotations, and lifts. This is essential for monitoring and analyzing exercise form, as well as preventing potential injuries due to incorrect exercise execution or body positioning. The accelerometer helps track pace and speed of sets, as well as control pauses and times of activity.

Utilizing machine learning algorithms and further data processing from built-in sensors will enhance system performance and increase the efficiency of the fitness training program for each user.

Please note, the QuGym Notepad app is designed with user data security in mind. It doesn't collect, store, or transfer any personal data to third parties. The personal data collection module is disabled to ensure each user's privacy and data security.

Technical Details

We've developed a standalone app specifically for Apple watch based on the latest technologies. The QuGym Notepad app is created using Swift and SwiftUI – modern tools for creating user interfaces in applications for iOS, macOS, watchOS, and other Apple platforms.

Swift is a native programming language for iOS applications, part of Apple's unified ecosystem. It simplifies code writing and enhances developer productivity. Thanks to its high code execution speed, Swift-based applications work swiftly and efficiently.

The SwiftUI framework provides intuitive tools for creating a user interface. It adopts a declarative approach, allowing the entire app interface to be described in code. This streamlines the creation of adaptive, stylish, and functional user interfaces.

We've also utilized a set of iOS tools – Apple HealthKit. It enables applications to work with user health data, providing access to information about physical activity, biological indicators, medical parameters, and other data.

As a result, QuGym Notepad uses a combination of technologies to create a user-friendly tool capable of helping everyone take care of their health and achieve their fitness goals. The high performance of the app, integration with HealthKit, and precise motion tracking will make workouts more effective and conscious for each user.

Technology Stack


Swift / SwiftUI

Llama 2

Apple HealthKit

Llama 2