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Make your chatbot design recognizable

Make your chatbot design distinctive and recognizable! Take advantage of the Qubot numerous icons, themes, backgrounds, fonts and other useful tools and settings required for creating your own unique style.

Watch our video and find out how to set up all the necessary changes in just a few clicks and immediately see them on the screen. With QuBot you can effortlessly create a new appealing chatbot design or customize it to suit your company image.

Run your business with style!

Psychoanalysis of convolutional neural networks. Part 2.

We continue to interpret the work of neural networks using SHAP diagrams. With this approach, not the processes that occur on a particular channel of a particular layer are analyzed, but the significance of a particular pixel in the original image.

With the help of SHAP diagrams, it is possible to analyze which pixels of the original image led to an increase in the probability of a given class, and which ones led to its decrease.

Psychoanalysis of convolutional neural networks. Part 1.

Today we will interpret the processes that occur "in the head" of convolutional neural networks. Let's find out how the miracle happens, which we then get, looking at the graphs of errors and metrics.

We warn you right away - there will be no complete answer :) And no one knows how this miracle occurs. But some additional understanding may appear.

Psychoanalysis of Convolutional Neural Networks

Let's read and discuss together the article from deepmind.

The reward-is-enough hypothesis suggests that agents with powerful reinforcement learning algorithms when placed in rich environments with simple rewards could develop the kind of broad, multi-attribute intelligence that constitutes an artificial general intelligence.

How to add a bot to Facebook Messenger in 1 minute

Do you want to set up a chatbot for your Facebook Messenger? Don’t know where to start?

Start with this video and learn how to connect smartbot to FB Messenger. No code - no efforts!

Take advantage of quick and easy bot implementation into messengers.

Qubot chatbot builder offers efficient solutions and endless possibilities. Engage with your audience and promote your products and services successfully.

How to set up LiveChat and manage chatbot to human handoff in 1 minute

A chatbot has many benefits and applications, but sometimes customers need a little more personal attention and sympathy that only another person is capable of. In such cases, LiveChat is just what your business may need!

LiveChat is an irreplaceable tool that carries out a real-time conversation transfer from bot to the human manager. It’s very handy for dealing with issues that are beyond chatbot capabilities, even AI, as well as building reliable relationships with customers.

How to connect chatbot to WhatsApp in 1 minute

Only a few clicks separate you from your customers! Integrate chatbot to WhatsApp and always stay in touch with the clients.

Set up a WhatsApp bot and boost your business effortlessly. Provide prime customer support, collect client information or gather feedback to improve your products and services. Find out your possibilities with QuBot from QuData!

How to use Chatbot Analytics in 1 minute

With chatbot analytics and data tracking collected information becomes a powerful tool for effective decision making. It provides key metrics on smartbot performance and customer experience.

In this video QuBot chatbot builder presents its powerful Analytics and short guidance for running available tools and features.

Find out what data is collected and processed to discover patterns in consumer behavior. Learn where to look for a proper interpretation of results and grow a successful business!

How to apply Google Sheets as chatbot database in 1 minute

In this video we are going to show you how to set up Google Sheets as convenient and reliable databases for your chatbots.

With Google Sheets you can easily edit, organize, and analyze different types of data in record time. You won’t need any additional installations! Just a few clicks and your chatbot starts to share information with Google Sheets immediately.

How to integrate chatbot with Viber in 1 minute

Enjoy helpful hints and practical tips for chatbot building. Check out the 1 minute guide and connect smart bots to Viber messenger like a pro!

With QuBot chat builder you can quickly and easily add personal bots to popular messengers and significantly increase your customer base. Reach out to your audience freely!