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Burr: Your Ultimate Email Assistant

Tutorial on using Burr, OpenAI's GPT4, and FastAPI to create a custom email assistant agent. Learn how to solve challenges in interactive agent applications with AI ingenuity and human guidance.

Master Multi-Class Classification with LightGBM

LightGBM, a powerful tree-based system for classification, regression, and ranking, was used to predict political leaning from demographic data. The challenge lies in navigating the numerous parameters to create an effective model with the LGBMClassifier class.

AI: A Reliable Voice for Ministers?

Large-language models like ChatGPT can help analyze public consultations, but they still struggle with distorting meanings. The UK government is exploring the use of AI in democracy, but questions remain about its impact on civil service and democracy.

Effortless RAG System Creation in LangChain

Film Search is a RAG-based system that uses a self-querying retriever to filter movies by metadata before finding similar films. This innovative approach allows for natural language queries and preserves user privacy.