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Boost Your Regression Skills with LightGBM

LightGBM is a powerful tree-based system with Python scikit-learn API for regression and classification. Managing the 76 parameters can be challenging, but focusing on key values can lead to a successful model.

Router Wars: Cyber Battle for Control

Cybercriminals and nation-state spies coexist in compromised routers, exchanging access for financial gain or espionage. Researchers from Trend Micro reveal a hidden world where hackers work together inside VPN devices to evade detection.

The Evolution of Tool Use

LLMs are improving reasoning abilities, enabling them to plan and act, leading to exciting agent prompting templates like in the Voyager Paper. Voyager focuses on prompting LLMs to complete open-ended tasks, like playing Minecraft, using an automatic curriculum, iterative prompting, and a skill library.

Enhanced LLM Performance with Natural Language

MIT CSAIL researchers developed neurosymbolic framework LILO, pairing large language models with algorithmic refactoring to create abstractions for code synthesis. LILO's emphasis on natural language allows it to perform tasks requiring human-like knowledge, outperforming standalone LLMs and previous algorithms.

AI Experts Stumped by Mysterious gpt2-chatbot

A mystery chatbot named "gpt2-chatbot" sparks speculation as a potential test version of OpenAI's upcoming GPT-4.5 or GPT-5 large language model. Limited access and rumors online add intrigue to the new model's presence in the Chatbot Arena.

Own a Piece of History: US Government Supercomputer for Sale

The decommissioned Cheyenne supercomputer, once the 20th most powerful in the world, is up for auction by the US General Services Administration. Cheyenne significantly advanced atmospheric and Earth system sciences research, delivering over 7 billion core-hours and supporting nearly 1,300 NSF awards.

Boost Customer Service with AI Call Summarization

Amazon Transcribe Call Analytics introduces generative AI call summarization feature to streamline post-call work, improve agent productivity, and enhance customer experience. SuccessKPI's Chief Product Officer praises the capability for automating call summaries, reducing manual work, and increasing efficiency in contact centers.

Navigating the Human-Bot Divide Online

The internet is dominated by AI, with bots taking over social media and search engines, blurring the lines between human and machine interactions. From Twitter battles to bizarre viral content, the online world is becoming a playground for AI-generated chaos.