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AI vs. Reality: Redefining Beauty Standards

AI-generated images are becoming indistinguishable from reality, challenging our perception and eroding trust. Will fakes in industries like modeling offer a more diverse representation of humanity, or perpetuate narrow beauty standards?

'AI Streamlining Robotic Warehouse Operations'

MIT researchers developed a deep-learning model to decongest robotic warehouses, improving efficiency by nearly four times. Their innovative approach could revolutionize complex planning tasks beyond warehouse operations.

Mastering Prompting for LLMs

Exciting developments in Large Language Models (LLMs) have revolutionized communication, prompting is key to harnessing their in-context learning abilities. Companies like Prompting Llama and GPT-3.5 are leading the way in innovative prompting strategies for LLMs.

Decoding Machine Learning Failures

Machine learning pitfalls: overfitting, misleading data, hidden variables. Examples include failed Covid prediction models and water quality system. REFORMS checklist introduced to prevent errors in ML-based science.