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Deepfake Scam Targets Ad Firm CEO

Fraudsters impersonated WPP’s CEO with deepfake technology, voice clone, and YouTube footage in an elaborate scam. Mark Read warned WPP employees about calls from fake executives trying to solicit money and personal information.

AI Video Detection on TikTok

TikTok introduces digital watermarking to identify AI-generated content from other platforms, enhancing existing security measures. Users will now be able to distinguish between content created using TikTok's AI tools and generated material uploaded from external sources.

OpenAI Contemplates AI-Generated Porn

OpenAI, creator of ChatGPT, faces backlash over considering allowing adult content creation with its AI, undermining its safety mission. Critics argue that the proposal contradicts the company's commitment to producing safe and beneficial AI.

Mastering Multi-Class Classification with LightGBM

Article on LightGBM for multi-class classification in Microsoft Visual Studio Magazine demonstrates its power and ease of use, with insights on parameter optimization and its competitive edge in recent challenges. LightGBM, a tree-based system, outperforms in contests, making it a top choice for accurate and efficient multi-class classification tasks.

Shape-shifting soft robots made easier

MIT researchers developed a control algorithm for reconfigurable soft robots that can autonomously learn to change shape for specific tasks. The method outperformed other algorithms, showing promise for future adaptable robots in healthcare, wearables, and industry.

Sabotage on Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow and OpenAI partner to integrate technical content with ChatGPT AI. Controversy erupts as users protest use of contributed content for AI training.

Mastering the Limitations of Artificial Intelligence

Large Language Models (LLMs) like ChatGPT impress in generic topics but struggle in specialist domains like finance due to lack of real understanding. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is often Artificial Imitation of Intelligence (AII) in complex fields, leading to potential harm and financial losses.

Elon Musk's Legal Victory: OpenAI Case Judge Removed

Elon Musk's lawsuit against OpenAI and Sam Altman sees judge removed due to challenge under California law allowing removal of biased judges. California Code of Civil Procedure 170.6 grants plaintiffs and defendants one peremptory challenge to ensure an impartial trial.

Unlocking Biology with Google DeepMind's AI

Google DeepMind's latest AlphaFold program can predict protein behavior, aiding advancements in antibiotics, cancer therapy, and crop resilience. The breakthrough promises insights into biological machinery for various applications, from medicine to agriculture.

RTX-Accelerated Editing: AI Tools in DaVinci Resolve

AI tools accelerated by NVIDIA RTX enhance video editing in DaVinci Resolve 19, streamlining workflows with new AI features. Resolve's AI-powered effects, including IntelliTrack AI point tracker and UltraNR for noise reduction, are optimized for NVIDIA RTX PCs, boosting performance by 2x.

Transforming Customer Retention with Amazon SageMaker

Dialog Axiata tackles high customer churn rates with innovative Home Broadband Churn Prediction Model, utilizing advanced ML models. Strategic use of AWS services boosts efficiency and AI/ML applications, leading to significant progress in digital transformation efforts.