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Unlocking Drug Interactions: New Model Reveals Dangerous Pairings

MIT, Brigham and Women's Hospital, and Duke University researchers develop innovative strategy to identify drug transporters in the digestive tract, revealing potential drug interactions. Study in Nature Biomedical Engineering highlights the importance of understanding drug transport mechanisms for improving patient treatment and drug development.

'Trolling the Trolls: Feds Take Down Ransomware Group'

Authorities successfully took down LockBit ransomware syndicate, seizing infrastructure and displaying takedown messages on victim-shaming sites. Investigators gained control of sensitive system access, including cryptographically hashed passwords, showcasing their high-level hacking prowess.

Meta's Code Llama 70B: One-Click Deployment with Amazon SageMaker JumpStart

Meta's Code Llama foundation models, available on Amazon SageMaker JumpStart, offer state-of-the-art large language capabilities for generating code and natural language about code. The models come in three variants, with up to 70B parameters, designed to improve productivity for developers in various programming languages. SageMaker JumpStart provides access to a range of foundation models for...

Bayesian Logistic Regression: Predicting Heart Disease in Python

Learn how to solve binary classification problems using Bayesian methods in Python, focusing on building a Bayesian logistic regression model using Pyro. Utilizing the heart failure prediction dataset from Kaggle, the article covers EDA, feature engineering, model building, and evaluation, highlighting the presence of outliers in the data and the use of standardization scaling for continuous nu...

Unveiling the Power of LQ Decomposition

Matrix decomposition breaks down matrices into components - QR, SVD, and LQ. LQ is a special type of QR decomposition used for solving linear equations, demonstrated in a Python program.

Terahertz ID Tag: Tiny, Tamper-Proof Authentication

MIT researchers develop antitampering ID tag using terahertz waves, offering tiny, cheap, and secure authentication for products. Metal particles in glue create unique fingerprint pattern, machine-learning model detects tampering with 99% accuracy.

Amazon Titan: Revolutionizing Image Generation & Searching

Amazon Bedrock offers high-performing AI models from top companies like Meta and Cohere. The Titan Image Generator creates realistic images from simple text prompts, while the Multimodal Embeddings model enhances search accuracy by understanding text and images.