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Embracing AI in Education

AI is reshaping education by transforming assessment and promoting transparency for a student-centered learning experience. Generative AI products like DALL-E and ChatGPT are revolutionizing teaching methods, making information more accessible and facilitating efficient learning.

The Art of Forecasting

Mixture Density Networks (MDNs) offer a diverse prediction approach beyond averages. Bishop's classic 1994 paper introduced MDNs, transforming neural networks into uncertainty sorcerers.

Windows AI: Your Every Move Monitored

Microsoft unveils Recall feature for Copilot+ PCs on Windows 11, allowing users to search and retrieve past activities. Privacy concerns arise as Recall records all user activities, including app usage and live meeting communications.

Microsoft's AI Chatbot: The Ultimate Memory Machine

Microsoft unveils enhanced Copilot AI assistant, aiming to be users' virtual photographic memory, offering generative AI technology for various tasks. Copilot competes with big tech rivals in composing documents, creating images, and acting as a lifelike personal assistant.

Unprepared for AI Breakthroughs

Experts, including AI 'godfathers', warn of inadequate AI regulation progress by governments. Tech companies moving towards autonomous systems could greatly amplify AI's impact.

AEC Powerless Against AI Misinformation

AI-generated misinformation, potentially from overseas, could include deepfakes of Anthony Albanese and Peter Dutton. Current laws may not prohibit these manipulations, posing risks to democracy.

Future of Business: Intelligence Manufacturing

AI manufacturing intelligence revolutionizes industries globally, Dell and NVIDIA announce AI Factory updates for efficient AI deployment at scale. Dell CEO Michael Dell emphasizes the transformative power of AI technology, simplifying and accelerating AI journeys for all businesses.

BERT Demystified: A Complete Guide with Code

BERT, developed by Google AI Language, is a groundbreaking Large Language Model for Natural Language Processing. Its architecture and focus on Natural Language Understanding have reshaped the NLP landscape, inspiring models like RoBERTa and DistilBERT.

AI Fueling the Rise of the Zombie Internet

AI-generated 'slop' is the new term for carelessly automated web content, shedding light on its damaging impact. Tech experts aim to address the affliction of 'slop' cluttering web browsers with AI-generated material.

Bypassing AI Chatbot Safeguards

UK government researchers found that all tested AI chatbot systems are 'highly vulnerable' to harmful responses. Guardrails can be easily bypassed, raising concerns about potential illegal, toxic, or explicit outputs.