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News Outlets Sue OpenAI for Copyright Infringement

US news outlets sue OpenAI and Microsoft for allegedly using journalists' work to train ChatGPT. The Intercept, Raw Story, and AlterNet demand compensation for copyright infringement, claiming AI tool ignores attribution and uses protected content.

Future of Work: MIT's Vision for a More Equitable Economy

MIT's Shaping the Future of Work Initiative, led by Acemoglu, Autor, and Johnson, aims to analyze job quality erosion for non-college workers and propose equitable solutions. The trio plans to conduct groundbreaking research, develop pro-worker policies, and inspire young researchers to explore these critical issues.

Unveiling Modern QA Architectures

Discover design approaches for building scalable QA applications using Extractive and Open Generative architectures. Learn about retrievers, readers, and vector databases like Faiss and Pinecone for efficient information retrieval.

Accelerating ML with Amazon SageMaker: Axfood's Success Story

Axfood AB, Sweden's second largest food retailer, partnered with AWS to prototype a new MLOps best practice for efficient ML models. They improved scalability and efficiency by collaborating with AWS experts and using Amazon SageMaker, focusing on forecasting sales for fruits and vegetables to optimize in-store stock levels and minimize food waste.