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Kaggling Lessons: One Year In

Kaggle competitions are crucial for progression and success, requiring original strategies to stand out. Public notebooks alone may not lead to gold, as creative ideas are essential for winning.

AI Solves Physics Puzzles

MIT and University of Basel researchers use AI to map out phase diagrams for novel physical systems, detecting phase transitions more efficiently. This new approach could lead to automated scientific discovery of new phases of matter.

Cipher Coding: Securing Data with Encryption

Fully Homomorphic Encryption (FHE) enables computations on encrypted data without decryption, enhancing privacy and security. FHE uses basic operations like addition and multiplication to perform complex algorithms on encrypted data, but managing noise growth is crucial to prevent decryption errors.

Google's AI Revolutionizes Search Results

Google introduces AI-generated summarized responses for US search engine queries, alongside Project Astra AI assistant and Veo AI video generator at I/O conference. Gemini AI model creates "AI overviews" at the top of search results, enhancing user experience.

AI: Almost Human, but Not Quite Chris Stokel-Walker

AI chatbot ChatGPT by OpenAI gains 100 million users in record time, shaping a pre- and post-ChatGPT world. Author Chris Stokel-Walker's book 'How AI Ate the World' reflects AI's inescapable influence, with ChatGPT hitting record web traffic highs.