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Unraveling the Mysteries of Connectionists

The article delves into Geoffrey Hinton's journey from brain research to creating a powerful, mysterious technology. The collision of human and artificial intelligence is explored, with profound consequences already unfolding.

Unveiling AI: The Guardian's Black Box Podcast

Explore the captivating world of artificial intelligence in the new series Black Box. Meet Hannah and Noah, whose relationship raises intriguing questions. Don't miss out on the thought-provoking stories every Monday and Thursday.

'Electrifying Innovations at Geneva Motor Show'

Geneva Motor Show highlights China and U.S. EV makers with NVIDIA DRIVE technology expanding in Europe. BYD reveals plug-in hybrid SUV with 1,000 km range, while IM Motors introduces self-driving L6 sedan with advanced sensor suite and highway autopilot capability.

'Pro Gamers: Mastering Software QA Testing'

NVIDIA's QA team, led by top gamers, competes in esports tournaments. Perez-Frangie wins with his son asleep on his lap, showcasing the team's competitive spirit and dedication to ensuring top gaming experiences.

Accelerate Your Genesys Cloud Amazon Lex Bot Design

AI and ML technologies enhance contact center CX with self-service bots, live call analytics, and post-call analytics. Amazon Lex and Genesys Cloud integration streamline bot design journey, transforming contact centers into profit centers.