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Mr_Vudoo Takes Gaming and Streaming to the Next Level with RTX 4080 SUPER

This article highlights Mr_Vudoo, a digital renaissance man and featured artist in the NVIDIA Studio, who recently acquired a GeForce RTX 4080 SUPER graphics card to enhance his content creation. Additionally, Topaz Labs has adopted NVIDIA TensorRT acceleration for its AI-powered Remove Tool, delivering faster processing compared to other devices.

Meta Takes Action: Labeling AI-Generated Content for Transparency

Meta, the parent company of Facebook, plans to label AI-generated images from other companies like OpenAI and Google to enhance transparency on platforms like Facebook and Instagram. The move comes during a contentious US election year and is part of a larger effort to establish standards for labeling content created using generative AI models.

AI Heist: $25 Million Stolen in Unprecedented Deepfake Scam

A multinational company's Hong Kong office lost HK$200 million ($25.6 million) in a sophisticated scam using deepfake technology, featuring a digitally recreated version of the CFO instructing an employee to transfer funds. This incident highlights the challenges posed by deepfakes, which utilize AI tools to create convincing fake videos, making it difficult to discern real from fabricated cont...

Unleashing the Power of Symmetry in Machine Learning

MIT PhD student Behrooz Tahmasebi and advisor Stefanie Jegelka have modified Weyl's law to incorporate symmetry in assessing the complexity of data, potentially enhancing machine learning. Their work, presented at the Neural Information Processing Systems conference, demonstrates that models satisfying symmetries can produce predictions with smaller errors and require less training data, partic...

AI: A Powerful Solution for Combating Climate Change

A new study by the ITIF calls for governments to adopt AI to drive energy efficiency across industries, citing examples such as farmers using AI to reduce fertilizer and water usage, and factories deploying it to increase energy efficiency. The study's author emphasizes the need for policymakers to not hold back beneficial uses of AI, especially in regulated areas like healthcare.