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Covert FBI Commands Remove Chinese Malware from SOHO Routers

The US Justice Department reveals that the FBI covertly took control of infected routers to remove malware used by Chinese state-sponsored hackers to target critical infrastructure. The hackers used KV Botnet malware to encrypt traffic and make it appear as if it originated from trustworthy US IP addresses, allowing them to establish posts for future cyberattacks.

Unlocking Matrix Magic: QR Decomposition in C#

The article in Microsoft Visual Studio Magazine discusses the implementation of matrix inverse using the Householder version of the QR algorithm in C#. The demo includes a small matrix example and verifies the result by computing the inverse multiplied by the original matrix.

Unlocking the Complexity: Four Algorithms for Matrix Inverse in C#

The article discusses the challenges of implementing matrix inversion code and presents a demo of four different C# functions using various algorithms. The author emphasizes the complexity and flexibility of the LUP, QR, and SVD algorithms, as well as the specific use case of the Cholesky algorithm.

Balancing Exploration and Exploitation: A Dashboard Strategy for Analytics Managers

Developers of open world video games and analytics managers both face the challenge of balancing exploration and exploitation. To solve this tension, they can build alternative paths, offer knowledge management systems, foster online communities, and make continuous improvements. Salespeople, like gamers, have main quests in the form of specific metrics they need to track, so creating simple an...