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Revolutionizing AI: Matrix-Free LLMs

Researchers from UC Santa Cruz, UC Davis, LuxiTech, and Soochow University have developed an AI language model without matrix multiplication, potentially reducing environmental impact and operational costs of AI systems. Nvidia's dominance in data center GPUs, used in AI systems like ChatGPT and Google Gemini, may be challenged by this new approach using custom-programmed FPGA chips.

Enhancing LLMs for Self-Driving with LangProp

ChatGPT powers autonomous driving research at Wayve using LangProp framework for code optimization without fine-tuning neural networks. LangProp presented at ICLR workshop showcases LLM's potential to enhance driving through code generation and improvement.

Accelerating Generative AI with Amazon SageMaker Ground Truth

Krikey AI leverages Amazon SageMaker Ground Truth to efficiently label vast amounts of data for their innovative 3D animation platform, democratizing AI animation creation. This partnership enables Krikey AI to quickly obtain high-quality labels tailored to their needs, accelerating the development of their text-to-animation model.

Mastering Exact Match with Amazon Lex

Amazon Lex QnAIntent, powered by Amazon Bedrock, enables real-time conversational experiences with natural language understanding. Exact match capabilities with Amazon Kendra and OpenSearch Service cater to enterprise customers' regulatory needs.

Unleashing the Power of GenAI: Building

Ministry of Social and Family Development and GovTech's team created Fill. sg in 2 weeks at LAUNCH! Hackathon to simplify report writing using AI. Leveraging long-context models and a user-friendly interface, Fill. sg aims to streamline report generation for public service officers.

Geologists wary of Chinese chatbot bias

Chinese-funded GeoGPT chatbot raises concerns among geologists for potential censorship and bias, developed with IUGS support. Aimed at global south researchers, it leverages vast data to enhance understanding of earth sciences.

Maximizing Sales Metrics

Sales performance is often measured incorrectly, leading to inaccurate assessments. Quality of leads is a crucial factor in evaluating sales agents' performance accurately.

Unlocking the Brain: CLIP and LLaVA

Recent multimodal transformer networks like CLIP and LLaVA are compared to the brain in terms of attention. Vision transformers perform pre-attentive visual processing similar to the brain, but struggle with complex tasks. The brain's bidirectional activity allows for conscious top-down attention and automatic feedback, enhancing perception and cognition.

Emotional AI: The Pitfalls of 80% Anger, 2% Sadness

Hume, a Manhattan-based startup, has developed the world's first voice AI with emotional intelligence, raising concerns over potential misuse and bias in the field of AI that reads feelings. Testing the limits of this technology involves expressing emotions like love through text, highlighting the potential dangers of emotional AI.