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AI Assistant Chats Vulnerable to Hackers

AI assistants are accessing private thoughts and business secrets, with researchers uncovering a flaw in OpenAI's encryption. Attack can decipher responses with high accuracy, exposing sensitive topics and potentially compromising privacy.

Unveiling the Power of Large Language Models in Chatbots

LLMs, powered by NVIDIA GPUs, enable chatbots to converse naturally and assist in various tasks like code writing and drug discovery. Their versatility and efficiency make them essential for industries like healthcare, retail, finance, and more, revolutionizing knowledge work.

AI-Powered Audio and Text Chat Moderation for Online Communities

Online gaming and social communities utilize voice and text chat for communication. AWS services like Amazon Transcribe and Comprehend offer solutions for audio chat moderation, balancing simplicity, latency, cost, and flexibility. Sample code available on GitHub for toxic content detection in audio conversations.

Enhancing Truthfulness in LLM Applications

Enhancing truthfulness in Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) outputs by mitigating hallucinations and reliance on pre-trained knowledge. Emphasizing groundedness and completeness in RAG outputs through fine-tuning Large Language Models and element-aware summarization, with scalable evaluation metrics like LENS and CoT.