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Behind Altman's Firing: Internal Politics, Not Scary Tech

OpenAI appoints three new board members, including Sue Desmond-Hellmann and Nicole Seligman, after independent review clears CEO Sam Altman of any wrongdoing. Altman rejoins the board, bringing diversity and stability to the company's leadership amid scrutiny over board composition and leadership changes.

Unraveling Causality: Harnessing Causal Graphs in Machine Learning

Article explores integration of causal reasoning into ML with causal graphs. Causal graphs help disentangle causes from correlations, essential in causal inference. ML lacks ability to answer causal questions due to spurious correlations, confounders, colliders, and mediators. Structural causal models (SCM) offer a solution by modeling causal relationships and accounting for complexities.

The AI Challenge: Princess of Wales Photo Furore

AI exacerbates difficulty in detecting manipulated media; Princess Diana photo controversy highlights image doctoring sensitivity. Catherine's edited wedding photo scandal in 2011 foreshadows current unease with AI advancements.

Uncovering ClothOff: The Deepfake Dilemma

Journalist investigates mysterious AI company behind global deepfake chaos, raising concerns about truth vs. fiction in the age of AI. Subscribe to Guardian's Black Box series for more on the impact of artificial intelligence.