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The Hidden Dangers of AI: Tech Giants and Existential Fears

Article highlights the dangers of artificial intelligence being hidden from public view by moguls. HG Wells' novel 'The World Set Free' predicted atomic weapons and the need for a world government to prevent global war. Wells believed only a scientifically minded elite could save democracy from the perils of new technology.

Revolutionizing Computer Vision: Navigating the AI Landscape

Recent advancements in AI, including GenAI and LLMs, are revolutionizing industries with enhanced productivity and capabilities. Vision transformer architectures like ViTs are reshaping computer vision, offering superior performance and scalability compared to traditional CNNs.

Exploring 3D Grid Neighborhoods

Discover how 2D grid-based algorithms can be applied in the 3D world for navigation and visibility in video games, robotics, and architectural design. Explore the five 3D grid neighborhoods for solving AI problems like pathfinding and visibility challenges.

Enhancing AI's Peripheral Vision

MIT researchers developed a dataset to simulate peripheral vision in AI models, improving object detection. Understanding peripheral vision in machines could enhance driver safety and predict human behavior, bridging the gap between AI and human vision.