Creating a system of strong artificial intelligence with self-awareness and knowledge about the world. The intelligent system has to be able to understand the outside information. Our concept suggests such understanding to derive from building a set of possible models of the world. These models can explain the past and predict the future. Each model has a degree of credibility, which allows them to be ranked, choosing the most likely ones for analysis.


• Realization of understanding of incomplete and ambiguous verbal information.

• Communication with the system in an unambiguous formal language and gradual transition to a natural language.

• In-depth description of everyday knowledge for a limited set of meanings.

• Testing the methods for learning and automatic knowledge change for an intelligent system.

• Self-modeling by introducing the dedicated "I"-object into the world model.

• Using machine learning and neural networks (Russian).



• Fuzzy and probabilistic logic

• Semantic networks

• LSTM and Word2Vec deep neural networks


• DemonScript knowledge and logic description language

• C++, Python, JavaScript


A team of 15 is working on the project, including developers, knowledge engineers and linguists.


DemonScript is a language designed to present everyday knowledge and draw logical conclusions in the context of incomplete information. The basic construct with which DemonScript works is a semantic network consisting of nodes connected by directed edges.
For more complete documentation DemonScript (Russian).