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Top 11 reasons to boost your Business with a Chatbot

As business schemes develop along with technology it may be hard to keep up with the latest updates on how to make your business more client-oriented, modern and make some processes automatic. Let’s talk about that. Here are top 11 reasons to use chatbots that can level up your business!

1. Chatbots are aimed to automate many business processes.

Such processes as customer service, online purchase, answering questions can be fully or half automated. With integration of an additional chat bot services you can widen the range of opportunities of the bot and push automatization of your business to the limits.

2. Easily handle your client base 24/7

According to a SuperOffice study, 88% of customers expect a response from businesses within 60 minutes and 30% expect an answer within 15 minutes or less. Chatbot can handle most of the requests from your clients any time of the day and night. Only the most tough questions will be sent to your human support team. You can always sleep well knowing your business is working fast and satisfying for your customers.

3. Collect and analyze more data!

Every customer interaction provides you with data. This data can be used for a huge variety of reasons: from updating settings of your chatbot to optimizing your products and services! Train your bot with more data to improve its answering rate. Find out the most frequent requests of your customers and develop your business accordingly to your customer requests!

4. Personalized interactions with your clients.

As we can see from the previous point - chatbots are able to be upgraded according to the data collected. Make your chatbots adaptable to the clients. Their name, request and even the way they speak! More advanced chatbots can make conversations more natural and engaging to your clients to enlarge your profits and client base.

5. Multilingual solution for your customers.

Modern business requires a high level of communication with your customers. For years it was a high level task to build a team of professionals that are able to communicate in more than 2 languages with your clients. Adding a multilingual chatbot solution will open new doors for your business development as now you will be able to easily communicate with your foreign clients and enlarge your client base even more.

6. Advanced customer satisfaction.

Most of the businesses used to use call-centers and email communication with their users the whole time, according to studies Helpshift 79% of the users prefer a live chat over other communication channels. It is considered a quick, efficient, and convenient way to solve any customer issues. A MobileMarketer survey states millennials prefer speaking with a chatbot rather than with an employee, for example when they are checking the status of their order or searching for information about a product or service.

7. Work under pressure is not a problem.

Including human factors always means a possibility of mistakes. With automatization of customer related processes you will always be confident of the results. Employees sometimes can be sick or have mood swings that can affect working routine. This may result in working processes shut down which means more work for other employees. With a full automation provided by chatbot you will be able answer multiple customer requests simultaneously and your team won’t be drowning in requests.

8. Building a client service network.

With an active development of social networks and messengers, people spend more and more time on different sites and apps. As a modern business owner you should understand that by having a wider range of abilities to communicate with your clients you are helping the client base to grow! And answering all these messages on various platforms and applications is not a problem anymore.

9. An easy way to guide your customers.

Having a lot of guides and catalogs is useful. Having a person to guide your customer is still good. Most of the clients prefer to be guided. To be able to see every service and every product available. Bots can do that too, and can do that very well. Ease an onboarding process of your new customers. Chatbot is a perfect guide on your Brand.

10. Invest in your future.

Chatbots is aimed to become an essential part of your Sales/Support teams. Getting a chatbot means that you will save your money on the salaries and training sessions for your human team. With all the benefits described in the previous points, such as response time, multi-linguality, learning and 24/7 availability it becomes clear that such an investment is a profit and an investment in the future of your Brand.

11. Make your ads more efficient.

It is obvious that any modern client-oriented business needs to be promoted on social media. But how many users your ad can convert? Usually users are redirected on your company website, your menu or your price list. Now imagine clicking your ad sends users directly to the chat bot in Messenger. Chatbot will ensure your potential clients get personalized guidance on your services and lead them right to the sales funnel. Getting more conversions is easy with a chatbot.