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China’s AI model SenseNova 5.0 surpasses ChatGPT

SenseTime Group, a leading Chinese AI company, has made waves in the tech world with the announcement of its newest AI model – SenseNova 5.0. The company’s shares surged more than 30% following the news, highlighting the anticipation and excitement surrounding this breakthrough.

Let's take a deeper look at the key achievements of SenseNova 5.0:

  1. Knowledge enhancement: SenseNova has undergone extensive training, covering over 10TB of token data. This comprehensive training has significantly improved its knowledge base, allowing it to better understand and process complex information. The model adopts a Mixture of Experts architecture, enabling effective context window coverage of approximately 200,000 during inference.
  2. Mathematics and reasoning: The model’s mathematical and reasoning capabilities have been greatly enhanced. It can now handle numerical inference, code generation, and long text comprehension more effectively.
  3. Linguistic and creative abilities: The creative writing, reasoning, and summary abilities of SenseNova have significantly improved. Given the same knowledge input, it provides better comprehension, summarization, and question-and-answer capabilities.
  4. Multimodal interactions: SenseNova supports high-definition image parsing and understanding, as well as text-to-image generation. It can extract complex data across documents and summarize answers to questions, demonstrating strong multimodal interaction capability. Its world-leading graphical and textual perception ranks first based on aggregate scores in authoritative multimodality benchmarks.

Chairman Xu Li claimed that SenseNova 5.0 outperforms OpenAI’s GPT-4 in most general usage scenarios. Particularly in Chinese-language usage, SenseNova shines. Its ability to comprehend, summarize, and answer questions surpasses that of GPT-4. This makes it an attractive choice for enterprise applications, education, and content generation.

In addition to SenseNova 5.0, SenseTime has launched an industry-leading “Cloud-to-Edge” full-stack large model product matrix. This matrix includes the SenseTime Edge-side Large Model for terminal devices and the SenseTime Integrated Large Model (Enterprise) edge device. These models can be applied across fields such as finance, coding, healthcare, and government services, further expanding the horizons of LLMs’ applications.